C.E.O. Letter

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Dear partners,

You are holding the new VAS “Vasiliou Glass Technologies” catalogue, a leader in float glass processing. The deep knowledge we have amassed during the last five decades of our operation, links our present to our future, while the use of contemporary, cutting-edge technologies and designs, positions us among the best in the industry. In our catalogue you will discover a full range of products and services that are set apart in terms of quality, safety and protection, energy conservation and durability.

Addressed to architects as well as decoration and construction professionals, the following pages will give you a firm look into our portfolio and the high design and manufacturing standards attained at VAS “Vasiliou Glass Technologies”, offering to you support in selecting a product with characteristics that are most suitable to your project.

Our strength lies in our people. Independently of each and everyone’s expertise, we all share the same values and the same vision. In everyone’s mind, we have set our brand synonymous to “continuous advancement”. Combining that with state-of-the-art facilities and an inexorable quest for innovation at all levels, spearheaded by our in-house R&D department, guarantees access to an unparalleled portfolio of float glass products, capable of adding the value you look for in your project.

At VAS “Vasiliou Glass Technologies”, float glass takes shape.