Investing in technology

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At VAS “Vasiliou Glass Technologies”, we measure everything against our vision for continuous advancement and our expectations for optimal results. Processing takes place at our privately owned facilities in the industrial zone of Vasiliko, nearby Chalkida. The state-of-the-art facilities span across 12.000m2 of land.

Specifically, the facilities comprise of the main production building (production lines and auxiliary equipment), the IT infrastructure, and the logistics center. The recently upgraded logistics center features a robotic warehouse management system, a groundbreaking investment in Greece and the wider region, which helped to significantly cut-down on lead times.

The company, in its quest for manufacturing excellence is maintaining strong levels of investment, having moved beyond ordinary float glass processing and into areas such as heat treatment of float glass and treatment of hard-coated and soft-coated low-emission glass, with emissivity values as low as 0,01. Along these lines, the commissioning of its new laminate production line, allows for the bonding of any type of float glass, including soft-coated, low-emissivity glass with an emissivity value as low as 0,01, jumbo sheet dimensions of up to 6.000mmX3.210mm, and a maximum thickness of 120mm.

Indicatively, the following major investments have been implemented, over the last few years:

Tempered and heat strengthened glass production line, installation of a Heat Soak Test chamber, laminate glass production line and its accompanying autoclave installation, digital ceramic printer and its infrastructure, waterjet and CNC processing units.

The combination of a knowledgeable and dedicated workforce, together with a highly automated and streamlined manufacturing process, and a truly wide range of processing capabilities (float and laminate glass cutting tables, edging and polishing, sand blasting, EVA lamination, insulating glazing), rightfully positions VAS “VASILIOU GLASS TECHNOLOGIES” among the best in the industry, justifying its continuous expansion, both domestically and abroad.